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Tarot and astrology readings may not seem to be obvious choices when you’re looking for support with your creative projects.

How can either of them help you?

Both systems provide answers. You bring your questions to a reading and whichever tools we use, be it tarot or astrology, will offer guidance and insight that can help with a range of things, including questions like:

“How can I use my voice, or find it in the first place? What am I really here to say?”
“How do I get started?”
“How do I stay motivated?”
“How can I make more time for my creative work?”
“How can I make better decisions about which projects to focus on?”

These are just a few examples of what we can explore in our time together.

“Is there anything I shouldn’t ask in my reading?”

The purpose of these services is not predict fame or fortune. I can’t tell you how much money you will make off a project, or how many copies of a book or album you will sell. Instead, I recommend focusing your reading on questions that will help you feel aligned with your creative vision and that will help you work with more confidence, better processes, and clarity in your ideas.

“What if I just want to talk and don’t need a reading?”

You’ll want the Plain and Simple offering below, where you can connect with me to ask questions, bounce ideas around, or get some different perspective or advice.

“Where do readings take place?”

All sessions can be booked online via video chat. I will send you a link once your booking is confirmed.

If you are local to Toronto, you may also choose to meet me in person at:

The Inner Arts Collective
257 Danforth Avenue
(South side of Danforth, just east of Broadview subway station)

Current hours: 

All sessions are by appointment. Generally I am available to meet in the afternoons and early evenings from Monday to Thursday, on Eastern Standard Time.

The buttons below will allow you to book an appointment with me for whichever option suits you best.

If you don’t see the time or date you’re looking for, I am either already booked or not available.

Important notice: I am not available to meet in-person from September 10-17, 2019. All appointments booked for this time will take place via video chat.


Tarot for Creativity:
$120 CDN, 60 minutes

Schedule Appointment

A one-hour tarot reading can be just what you need to get started, or stay committed, to your creative path. This is also a great place to start if you’re new to tarot, or new to my work, and aren’t sure where it can take you creatively. When you book your appointment, you will have the chance to tell me where you’re at in your creative journey and where you’d like to go from here so I’ll know exactly how to help you when we meet.

Tarot Plus: Reading + coaching session
$150 CDN, 90 minutes

Schedule Appointment

Want a creative tarot reading and then some? If you have a lot of ground to cover, or need some added support, this 90-minute session gives you both. We’ll spend about an hour reading tarot to access intuitive guidance about your creative path, and then the remaining time can be spent creating an action plan. You’ll leave with a lot to think about, and some practical next-steps to work towards.


Astrology Reading: Your Creative Path and Purpose
$170 CDN, 60 minutes

Schedule Appointment

Each planet in our solar system governs a different aspect of our lives. How you embody these energies, and how you choose to make the most of them, is up to you – and that choice is so much more powerful when you give yourself the gift of a natal reading.

This one-hour session will show you what your best working conditions are, how to balance your energy, and how to focus your creative energy, and what you came into this world to say through your art. We’ll look at how each planet works for you, and how you can use astrology to develop ideas and creative processes that are best aligned with your natural, intuitive rhythms.

Your exact birth time is required for me to be able to cast your chart.

Astrology for Character or Concept Development
$150 CDN, 60 minutes

Schedule Appointment

Are you writing a novel and want to better understand who your main character is? Are you writing an album, poetry collection, or other project that feels like it has a mind of its own? Hey, it’s not so strange to say so: Every creative project, no matter what it is, has a unique energy that you must enter into a relationship with in order for you to work together.

I can cast an astrology chart for your specific fictional character or project so that you can understand its motivations and reasons for coming into this world, and learn how you can work with it and what you’re meant to do with it. This reading is particularly helpful for anyone who is struggling to feel connected to a character or project and wants to understand the driving force behind it.

The Plain and Simple: Single Coaching Session
$120 CDN, 60 minutes

Schedule Appointment

Maybe you don’t need a reading. Maybe you just have a list of questions you’d like to ask, or want a sounding board to work through some ideas. Cool. I can meet with you to offer coaching, support, accountability, and action-oriented advice.

You can ask me for tips on how to stay motivated, navigating rejection, being seen and getting your work out there, and more.

I am also happy to share my advice on self-publishing versus traditional publishing, having an agent versus working solo, and more. Think of it as an “ask me anything” session where I aim to give you the boost or guidance you need.

This is also a great option for anyone who is looking for a check-in after they’ve had a reading with me.


Frequently Asked Questions

“What’s the difference between tarot and astrology? Is one better than the other?”

Both are good, though they are different systems.

What they can both do is give insight into your creative path and processes – what’s working for you, what’s not, what makes you tick, what you can be putting your energy into, and what you can expect to experience creatively within a given time frame.

But tarot is not astrology. Tarot is a set of cards, a series of images and a divinatory system that allows us to ask a series of questions to explore the energies around you, your projects, goals, or plans. A tarot reading is a fluid, flexible experience that is meant to get you going in a certain direction.

An astrology reading is a map of the sky. In astrology, we use the energies of the planets and zodiac signs to understand how they manifest within you and your work. A person’s natal chart, or a chart created for a project or character, will be unique to that person or endeavour. Your astrology chart is specific to you and is your personal road map in this lifetime.

Each planet that we work with in astrology represents a different energy that works through you. Astrology helps you understand how you embody the energies available to you, and how the universe speaks through you. It gives you a look at what your working styles, communication style, and more, and how it all ties into your purpose in this lifetime.

You do need your exact birth time for an astrology reading, though I also offer to cast charts for specific projects, so that we can also look at the inception of an idea or project launch to help you understand the astrological energies that are fuelling your plans.

“What else do I need to know before booking something?”

I don’t promise to have all of the answers and don’t purport to be an expert in all areas of life. I can’t make all of your decisions for you and can’t give you any quick fixes – your work is still yours to do. But I do have years of experience as a professional writer, tarot reader and astrologer. I’m good at what I do and I am committed to guiding you as best I can.

“Is it worth the money?”

Only you can decide that. Only you know whether you are willing to value your creative work in this way, and if it is something you are able to invest in at this time.

I will say that when we take steps to honour ourselves, to do the things that make us feel afraid, or to take a risk on something that might not bring any obvious reward or payoff, all kinds of resistance kicks up.

You might feel nervous, doubtful, or suddenly disinterested in your creative work. Sometimes, the things that scare us the most are just what we need to put our energy into.

It’s up to you on what you decide to do from here. 

I can’t promise you overnight miracles or instant success, but I can promise that I have a lot of experience with my work and have helped a lot of people through tarot and astrology over the years. So you’ll be in good hands the whole way through.

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