by Liz Worth

These horoscopes are meant for creative inspiration. Use them to fuel your hobbies, writing processes, passions, professions, and artistic paths of all kinds. Remember that inspiration comes in many forms and what’s offered here via my interpretation is only one possible approach to your creative processes. 

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August 2019: An Astrological Overview

The start of August may feel like someone has hit a reset button for you. Mercury was retrograde throughout most of July and motivation and momentum have hit a snag for many.

Not that Mercury retrograde can’t be productive –it’s just knowing what to be working on. You may be coming out of an intense editing process, or found yourself tweaking and revising your way through July.

Mercury retrograde can also make us feel like we’re in a fog, or a funk, suddenly unsure of our creative direction, or disconnected from our influences.

But Mercury goes direct Wednesday, July 31, giving us all the green light to move ahead come August 1. This is all within the same hour as the New Moon in Leo, which arrives at 11:12pm EST on July 31, setting up a beautiful start to a new month.

Given that the New Moon in Leo lines up a new Given lunar cycle right at the start of a new month, I’ve included some guidance about it here again. The following passage originally appeared in July’s horoscopes.

New Moon in Leo: Wednesday, July 31, 11:12 pm EST

In the sign of Leo, this New Moon is key to work with for anyone who is aiming to be in the public eye, or who is vying for more recognition around their work.

Leo is a performer. Ruled by the Sun, this a sign that is up and close and personal with the spotlight.

Actors, performers, and anyone who is creating for an audience would do well to connect with this New Moon, though it can support creatives of all mediums to help you connect to your sense of self-expression, boldness, and confidence.

It also help if you’re looking to make a bigger leap into the public realm, want to showcase your work in new ways, or want to improve your self-promotion game.

Want to work with this New Moon? Set an intention to make a bold move, to be seen, published, produced…whatever you are vying for in the public eye, now is the time to take a step towards making it a reality.

But don’t make August all work and no play

While you may feel like you have some catching up to do after July’s slow down, the first few weeks of August call for room for fun and spontaneity.

On August 11, Mercury enters Leo. This will amplify your creative juices but can also bring on a sense of restlessness. You may want to be out and about instead of wrapped up in a project. Try to balance out the time as best you can and let yourself give in to joy. The time is ripe for new inspiration and opportunities that come through making the effort to be engaged with the world around you.

Aquarius Full Moon: Thursday, August 15, 8:29 am

The Aquarius Full Moon on August 15 is another freedom-seeking energy. It can be a beautiful lunation to clarify your creative intentions, especially if they relate to your personal liberation and rebellion:

How is your creativity helping you to break free? Are there commitments or obligations that are hindering your creative freedom, and if so, what solutions may be appearing to help you move past them?

Sun in Virgo: Friday, August 23

Virgo season begins on August 23 and by the end of the month the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Moon will all be in earthy Virgo.

This is the time to re-focus on your work, to ease up on social obligations and set up a new schedule for the coming fall season. As so much of August encourages you to be out in the world, collecting inspiration and making connections, this is the turning point in the month when you are encouraged to make something of all you’ve been seeing and doing.

Leo is fire energy and fire is the spark that illuminates our potential, but earth energy is where we are able to manifest that potential into reality.

Continue to read on for your sign’s creative potential this month. Want a deeper dive into your own astrology to learn what you have come to this world to create? Book a reading with me here.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Be careful you’re not ignoring the practicalities of life, Aries. The past couple of months have been pushing you to expand your creative edges while learning the fine art of committing to your greater visions – even if you’ve been a bit doubtful of yourself lately.

Early August is marked as a time where you’ll want to be looking at the true costs of your time, ideas, and efforts. Are you being practical in what you’re spending? Do you need to invest more of yourself into a project, or peel back a bit and focus your energy on neglected areas of your life?

The first quarter moon in Scorpio on August 7 may be particularly eye-opening. Don’t stress it if the pressure heats up then, Aries. That feeling won’t last long. Trust in yourself to do what needs to be done, and know that there are great rewards available to you throughout August for putting in the work.

People want to see what you’re doing and they want to know who you are. Believe in your ability to claim your proper place in this world – just know that you need to be the boss every step of the way.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)  

August holds transformative potential for you, Taurus. You are ready to level up, to step into the spotlight, to take your rightful place in this world.

No longer are you satisfied with taking it slow or playing small. There’s a surge of courage rising within you this month where you are ready for new experiences and willing to take a calculated risk to move yourself forward.

Not that this doesn’t come with a certain discomfort. Don’t let last-minute fears sway you, and don’t talk yourself out of something that can propel you to grow. Think of what kind of authority and expertise you hold at this time – that may be of particular interest to you right now. Pitch yourself to podcasts, panels, or set up a how-to workshop or YouTube video to get yourself out there.

What’s the worst that can happen? There’s an invitation from the universe to think bigger this month, and any uncertainty it brings will be fuel for future fires.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Watch your tongue this month, Gemini. Your mind is on fire right now but don’t get cocky: There’s a good chance you can speak too soon, or assume too quickly and end up creating unnecessary conflict.

It’s best for you to avoid unnecessary debates and avoid giving unsolicited advice these days. The universe is showing you may be under a bit of a spell when it comes to believing that you have all the answers. It could end up eroding your time and attention as the possibility of hurting someone’s feelings are high right now.

Does it mean you shouldn’t say anything at all, though? Of course not. This energy is ripe for the picking, just make you sure channel it appropriately.

Create from the heart this month. Create from a place of total abandon, as though no one is watching. Don’t censor yourself in your processes. Just let things flow, as though unconsciously, and see where they take you.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

You are focused this month, Cancer. This is a time to let your creative ambitions take centre stage. Stop feeling guilty about the time you need to give to your creative pursuits. Stop apologizing and stop justifying.

Begin to see that this is a pivotal moment when things can really begin to take shape.

Ride whatever waves of inspiration come up for you this August, because once we get out of the summer season and into fall you will be pulled into other areas of your life.

Not that your creativity takes a backseat altogether, but know that there’s something special about this time of year for you that is giving you an ideal window of creative flow.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

“A fire in the sky.” That’s the image I saw for you this month, Leo.

Decide to do something no one can ignore. Decide to do something that will sear itself in someone’s memory.

Create something to illuminate, inspire, move and motivate:

What is your mission in your art?
What do you hope to achieve through it?
What do you want others to take from it?

Think about the impact you want to make through what you create, and use that as your own source of inspiration this month. Allow that to be the map that guides you on the days you feel lost, disenchanted, and unmotivated. Give yourself a route to empowerment.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

July’s energies were encouraging you to connect with your audience and community, and those themes continue throughout August.

But they also get augmented to tell you to let your hair down this month, too.

It’s not always about the hustle, the work, the discipline. And the month of August asks you to unwind, relax, and de-stress as much as you can.

Why? Because in allowing yourself to live your life and take in whatever inspiration comes, you are allowing yourself to refill your creative juices. Think of this as a time when you are stocking up on new ideas, impressions, and images that will carry you throughout the fall.

Your New Moon arrives on Friday, August 30, bringing you back to reality and inviting you to recommit to your routine. Leave the big work until then if you can.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Where is there friction, Libra? Where is the ugly side of things? Where is the stuff of life that you would rather ignore or push away because you don’t find it beautiful?

August challenges you to take inspiration from the things that don’t suit your standards. Let yourself look at something that makes you uncomfortable and allow it to speak to you.

What does it say?
What does it sound like?
What does it feel like?

On the other side of creating, August also prompts to you look at yourself – the shadows of you that want to take control over every final detail, the aspects of you that try to impose a certain aesthetic of form over things rather than just letting them be as they are.

How can you learn to see beauty in places you don’t expect it?

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Be careful that your inner saboteur isn’t trying to make an appearance this month, Scorpio.

There is tremendous opportunity for progress on your part this month, but you may have trouble seeing it right now. You’re not always the best at measuring your own accomplishments, but you’re so much further than it might feel to you these days.

Don’t give up, and don’t get discouraged.

There’s support around you, too, though there’s a tendency this month to shrug off any compliments or interest from outside sources. Don’t feel you need to be suspicious about people’s intentions right now – there is genuine admiration out there for you, but cynicism might scare it off.

Be gracious, open and accepting of where you’re at and all that comes your way this month.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

August brings a distinct shift for you, Sagittarius. Finally your ruler, Jupiter, goes direct on Sunday, August 11.

The last few months have had you creating from a quieter place. You may have felt like you needed the time and space to go inward, and to make some private changes to your own self and psyche before getting back into your own groove.

Finally, you can start to feel like yourself again, and what better time than Leo season? The Sun is in your element of fire, giving you an added boost, as is Mercury until August 29.

Let your inspiration run wild again, Sag. Let yourself get back out there, be seen, be heard, and be the force of nature you have always been.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

You’re having trouble seeing your own potential this month, Capricorn. But why?

The doubt you feel is coming from within. You know you’re moving into something new this year. You can feel your imagination stretching, and your mind expanding.

And it’s only natural to resist the change that’s on the horizon for you. Just remember that doubt is an illusion, not a reality.

Just because you’re unsure of something doesn’t mean it won’t work out. While we often like to tell ourselves to trust our intuition, yours is on a bit of a break this month, lost in a sea of mixed emotions.

Sometimes we can’t tell the difference between a feeling and a gut response, and that’s part of the problem this August.

So keep doing what you’re doing, and seek out a trusted friend or mentor who can keep you grounded and focused when you feel like veering off course.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Your weird, wild world is starting to become a reality, Aquarius.

On Sunday, August 11 Uranus, your ruler, goes retrograde. This backspin will take us into early 2020, so this is an energy you’re going to want to pay attention to for the remainder of the year.

Is Uranus retrograde a bad thing? Not at all. This one is ripe for opportunity as it’s going to allow you to mine the gold of 2019’s wild ride of ideas you’ve been collecting.

On Thursday, August 15 the Full Moon in Aquarius helps to bring a special plan to a remarkable place for you.

Set some time aside for yourself this day to connect with a passion project or to free-write in a journal in order to download any important insights as to where to go next.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

How does your creativity serve the world, Pisces? You are asking yourself this as we move through the month of August.

You’re not satisfied to make art just for yourself; you want to inspire someone else with it, too. And the energies of the month ahead encourage you to think about how you can build community through your creations.

Look for ways you can cross-collaborate with other creators who share similar visions but are working in different mediums.

Or organize a workshop or event in a local gallery space that will allow you to feel like you are giving back. Or write a poem or make a piece of art and give it to someone as a gift, just because.

Let your spirit of generosity merge with your creative self this month.  

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