How creativity helps you take control of your life

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When people come to see me for tarot or astrology consultations, a common theme I hear is:

“I’m not sure what to do with my life.”


“I’m in a rut, but I don’t know what I want, or what’s possible for me.”

The problem isn’t the rut itself. Instead, when we dig a little deeper into the question, we find there isn’t a lack of opportunity, but a lack of creativity.

If you’re not using your creativity, it can become really hard envision or imagine new possibilities for yourself.

After all, that’s so much of what creativity is. An artist envisions a scene, story, character, or sound. Their imagination begins to flow with invention as the idea builds.

Eventually, that vision can become a tangible part of our reality in the form of a painting, book, film, song, or more.

But we must be careful not to assume that creativity is limited to the act of art. Or that artists or creative professionals are the only ones who need to worry about fostering creativity.

And we must certainly never assume that creativity is only something that some people have.

We are all creative beings, and we can all cultivate creativity – but we don’t have to be motivated to use it towards any kind of artistic expression.

When we limit our understanding of creativity to the practice of art alone, it’s easy to let it atrophy. It becomes a muscle that weakens, and when the time comes to do some heavy lifting – such as envisioning your future path – we find ourselves unable to take the action we need.

Because it helps us to imagine other possibilities, creativity is what allows us to solve life’s unusual or unexpected problems, just like a writer has to imagine the ways in which a character will overcome a dilemma.

When we haven’t been paying attention to our creative abilities, then we find ourselves up against the questions that so often get us stuck:

“I don’t know what I want.”
“I don’t trust myself to make a decision.”
“I don’t know what my future looks like.”

Cultivating creativity allows us to create our lives every single day. We become more confident in taking new directions or risks because we are learning that we are creative beings, not reactive ones that have to sit back and wait for an answer to land in our laps.

Risk is always associated with creativity: You never know where an idea will lead to you start to work on it.

Creative people know that some ideas are duds that don’t amount to much. But they also learn that sometimes you need to play around with one idea to get to the next – and the next one might be where you strike gold.

But you won’t know until you allow yourself to play, experiment, and try – even if you’re not always sure it’s the right step to take.

So if you’re not sure how creativity fits into your life yet, or if you’ve questioned whether you are creative, I invite you to begin making creativity a part of your daily reality right now.

Don’t wait for inspiration to strike. Don’t want until you have the time or the skills to write or paint or draw or sing.

Start to ask yourself what kind of experience you can create for yourself. Or what kind of art form you would like try, even if it pushes you outside of your comfort zone.

Because when you open to your creativity, you aren’t just practicing a hobby or undertaking a new project. You are setting yourself up to have the strength and ability you need to keep your life moving no matter what road blocks you hit.

And if you are looking to develop or deepen a creative practice this spring, Creative Magic begins on Monday, June 3. This is a 30-day online writing course that integrates tarot, astrology and other magical tools to get your imagination flowing. Register here.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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