Welcome to the Oracle of Imagination.

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The Oracle of Imagination is a place where intuition, divination, and creativity crossover. It is a place where astrology and tarot become tools to help artists of all kinds access new sources of inspiration.

Tarot and astrology can help foster your creative path and projects

Tarot and astrology are tools of divination. Rather than seeing them as psychic tools that will tell your fortune, I see them as tools to help us answer questions about our own creative processes and ideas:

“Am I on the right track?”
“Why isn’t this working?”
“How can I stay committed to this project?”

Tarot and astrology can also help us to uncover our unique creative gifts. They can teach us what we are here to say, tap into the truths we are here to tell, and reveal what creativity can help heal within our lives.

What if you don’t “feel” creative?

Then you are in the right place. Creativity isn’t limited to creating art. It is essential to life.

As someone who has counselled hundreds of people through tarot and astrology, one thing I’ve learned is that creative thinking – the ability to imagine new possibilities, to see other realities beyond the present, to find solutions to everyday problems – is integral to our emotional and spiritual growth.

As photographer Ansel Adams said, “Life is your art.” Develop your creativity and you will create your own path.

This is what the Oracle of Imagination is about.

This is a space for anyone who is seeking creative inspiration to find it through the practices of tarot and astrology.

Want to work with me to help you activate your creative gifts? Step right this way.

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